Projects Ongoing and Completed

Project Title

Status & Duration

R&D Project on Continuous Process for Waste Water Purification and Recycle by Gas Hydrate Process (Bench scale study-phase-II).

Ongoing & 2022-2024

R&D Project on wastewater purification and recycling by GAS Hydrate process.

Completed & 2021-2022

CO2 capture in glass waste.

Completed & 2021-2022

Next-generation multifunctional aerogels for treating soluble microplastics, pesticides, and drugs in water, and recovery.

Completed & 2018-2022

Bench Scale Studies For Gas Hydrate Based Continuous Gas Separation Process: Separation of industrially relevant binary and
ternary gas mixture.

Completed & 2017-2018

Sustainable production of methane from marine gas hydrate.

Completed & 2017-2018

Bench Scale Process Demonstration for Hydrate-based Gas Separation Process.

Completed & 2017-2020

Bench Scale Studies for Methane Recovery from Natural Gas Hydrate, Industrial Project.

Completed & 2014-2016

Development Studies for Kinetics of Methane recovery from Natural Gas Hydrate.

Completed & 2012-2014

Detailed Evaluation of Renewable Substrates available in India for use in the preparation of biofuels and chemicals.

Completed & 2013-2014

Process development for CO2 capture from the flue and fuel gas mixture.

Completed & 2011-2014

Feasibility study of methane replacement from natural gas hydrates in presence of carbon dioxide.

Completed & 2010-2012